Momentum Healthcare Services, Inc. Launches Web Site

We have created our new web site at  We look forward to having you visit us there.

We are in the process of developing hospital and major medical clinics in India.  We are looking for NRI doctors to collaborate with us on the medicine part of the project.  We are looking for:

1)  Affiliations with U.S. and U.K. healthcare providers;

2)  Landowners wishing to have us develop medical operations on their sites in India; and

3)  Physicians and healthcare providers interested in collaborating with us on these projects.

Our first sites are in Arakkonam; Hyderabad; Lucknow; Nagpur; and Kochi.

Write to me at: .

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One Response to “Momentum Healthcare Services, Inc. Launches Web Site”

  1. lalit mawkin Says:

    There are a group of rich people at Lucknow who have 100 acres of land and are trying to build a medical College with 500 beds hospital–If you are interested I can talk to them of their interest level in associating with your group.

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