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How Self-Aware Are You? Epoch I, Contd.

May 18, 2016

Call me a dreamer, but can you imagine a future when Raising Consciousness is a key plank on the platform of a presidential candidate? When the most important thing the Department of Defense defen…

Source: How Self-Aware Are You? Epoch I, Contd.


How Self-Aware Are You? Epoch I: Physical Consciousness

May 11, 2016

Matrignosis: A Blog About Inner Wisdom

Lewis Lafontaine's photo.

“So long as the child is in that state of unconscious identity with the mother, he is still one with the animal psyche and is just as unconscious as it.

The development of consciousness inevitably leads not only to separation from the mother, but to separation from the parents and the whole family circle and thus to a relative degree of detachment from the unconscious and the world of instinct.

Yet the longing for this lost world continues and, when difficult adaptations are demanded, is forever tempting one to make evasions and retreats, to regress to the infantile…” ~Carl Jung, CW 5, Para 351

People often find Jung’s theories and writing difficult, and it’s no wonder.  He was introducing humanity to a radically different way of seeing and thinking about ourselves, and he used words and phrases in ways that only someone familiar with his work is liable to understand.

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