Gold and Mercury

This is a very powerful piece! It opened a door for me on the morning after a nephew died from a drug overdose.

what a shrink thinks


I recently came upon this passage as I was re-reading Alice Miller’s Prisoners of Childhood for a larger project.

And the words tore through me:

In Alphonse Daudet’s Lettres de mon moulin I have found a story that may sound rather bizarre, but nevertheless has much in common with what I have presented here. I shall summarize the story briefly.

Once upon a time there was a child who had a golden brain. His parents only discovered this by chance when he injured his head and gold instead of blood flowed out. They then began to look after him carefully and would not let him play with other children for fear of being robbed. When the boy was grown up and wanted to go out into the world, his mother said:

“We have done so much for you, we out to be able to share your wealth” Then her…

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One Response to “Gold and Mercury”

  1. Jordan Hoggard Says:

    Very powerful, Skip! Tore right through me as well from a loss years back, and enhanced my understanding and empathy with what they went through prior to going. Thank you for this.

    FYI: for some reason the “View original post link” links to a 404 not found page. I simply typed in gold and mercury in the search bar, and the article came right up. Here’s that direct link. I wouldn’t want this great article missed.

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